it's only tuesday

this is a great way to start a post, isn't it! i really love this picture of sweet cheeks that i took only a few hours ago. this little girl is on the floor "taking a rest, " as she put it to me. prior to this shot, we were outside using sweet cheeks' new giraffe umbrella in the rain. she then suddenly acted a bit scared and wanted to come inside, despite my begging and pleading to wait one more minute so i could take her picture since she is so cute out in the rain with the umbrella. the one minute, which i new would be more than one minute, was because i was waiting for my camera to delete all the pictures on it (147!). THIS TOOK FOREVER! finally once the camera was ready to shoot, she was past ready to come inside. she quickly fell to the floor proclaiming she was tired and needed to rest. i had to remind myself she was only 2! sweet cheeks cracks me up!
shout out-
here is my shout out to new fellow mommy blogger... you know who you are. welcome to the world of the blog. i am still new here so glad we can do it together. i really look forward to viewing it and seeing how your 3 beautiful kids are growing. i am sure the stories will be great because the kids are funny and you are a great writer. i absolutely loved their pictures. with your blessing, i would love to post a link to your blog. let me know!
singing bee-
sadly, yes, it is 9:26pm on tuesday night and i am waiting to watch joey fatone and the singing bee show. this is what my nights have become. how did i loose myself? what have i become? i think part of me is just interested in the show to see all the lyrics i didn't know to a lot of songs. or is it that i still can't forgot n'sync and one of it's key players? hmmm.. you decide.

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