she always makes me smile

it has been well over a week since my last post. i have finally found what was once my lost camera. sadly, it was just in the bottom of my diaper bag. i should have looked there more thoroughly but just did a quick glance, obviously missing it. the good news is i have it back and have so many pictures and short stories (well you hope they are short) to share! let me begin with the bling:

sweet cheeks loves to play with my necklaces & bracelets. the other day we were at walmart, which doesn't happen often as sweet cheeks will proudly proclaim at the top of her lungs that she is a dedicated target shopper, but while at wally world we saw a $5 jewelry box with toy jewelry inside. she loves to wear the necklaces, bracelets, and rings all at the same time and then says, "i am pretty." i love to see her dressing up already.

here is one of my newest favorite pictures of sweet cheeks and yup, she is wearing one of her new necklaces. there is just something about the sweetness in her face that i love. to me, this is really who sweet cheeks is: sweet, beautiful, trendy, brilliant, happy, loving, and a toddler girl already loving to play dress up!

if i didn't know any better, i would have thought blue was a viscious dog. nope, she isn't but the teeth would make one think otherwise. rather blue is the sweetest dog ever with sweet cheeks, who makes it her mission to chase blue by the tail!

we took a trip with sweet cheeks cousins today. i could not even put into words just how much she loves her two cousins. she copy cats everything, good or bad, that they do. it makes me so happy to see her have so much fun with them. even more so, i love seeing how sweet her older cousins are with her. they have fun but never stop considering that sweet cheeks is still a few years younger than they are. i am so thankful that sweet cheeks is going to be able to grow up with them. i already see what a positive influence they have in her life.

this photo sums up exactly what i said. if they jumped off a bridge you know sweet cheeks would follow:

ok well i was hoping to post more but it is 10:30 pm and i have got to go to bed. i am so ready to fall asleep right now. hopefully i will post again tomorrow. thanks for reading :)

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