bathtub soup- the kind you wouldn't eat

this story is just too great not to share. i shouldn't be amazed at the things that come out of sweet cheeks mouth anymore but yet, somehow i find myself everyday laughing at the things she says. the story takes place last night while sweet cheeks was in the bathtub playing:

me: what are you making?

her: soup?

me: yum, what is in your soup?

her: mashed potatoes

me: sounds delicous. what else is in your soup?

her: peas and bagina

me: wasn't sure if i should laugh or be concerened....

it was the most unexpected ingredient i thought she would call out when telling me what was in her bathtub soup. i took me a minute but then i was flippin rolling on the floor laughing. i am still second guessing my choice in teaching her all the correct names for parts of her body.

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