the moustache

i was driving to work the other day when a man pulled up next time. this man was in a convertible car and was wearing the style sunglasses the guys in CHIPS would wear. what struck me more than anything was this man's large MOUSTACHE and one-lipped smile. he looked like he felt great about himself, like he knew life was on his side and woman were checking him out. i literally sat in my car laughing at him, not only because he had a large moustache but because the pride you could tell this man had in his moustache. of course, it got me thinking about famous men and the moustache's that assisted them with their fame:

1. tom selleck- aka- magnum p.i.

2. john stossel- of 20/20 - things seem so much more believable when you have a moustache!
3. kurt russell & 4. val kilmer- wyatt earp & doc holliday in "tombstone"
5. burt reynolds- smokey & the bandit


melissa said...

Very funny- don't forget Geraldo Rivera!

aka Molly said...

I LOVE Tom Selleck and his mustache! He's probably one of the few men who can pull the look off without looking ridiculous.

aka Molly said...

Ok, so maybe Tom's looks alittle ridiculous too but he'd look weird without it.