thursday thirteen

this is going to be a short post, right to the point. my topic for my thursday thirteen is movies that i think you should watch. these are ones that i didn't expect to like but in the end, i did.

13. old school- vince vaughn totall makes this movie. i love how he always tells his boy "ear muffs." freakin hilarious, the entire thing!
12. tombstone- thought it was just another cowboy movie but val kilmer was awesome in this one.
11. shrek- who wants to see a kids movie, right? but if you gotta, this is a funny one to see. donkey is so freakin funny! it is always the side kick that gets me.
10. serendipity- john cusak- you can never go wrong with his romantic comedies! (i still pretend like "must see dogs" never happened)
9. mystic river- a bit on the dark side but sean penn did an amazing job in this one.
8. mission impossible 2- i am take some heat for saying this one but it really was a good movie. mostly because it was tom pre-kate(a.k.a.-katie) holmes. molly will back me up on this one.
7.the prestige- i had no idea what to expect when i went to see this one but it was not just a movie about magic, it entailed so much more. this is one movie that i love christian bale in.
6. hitch- this movie is hilarious. will smith is great as always but it was really the king of queens, doug heffernan, that made the movie for me.
5. ocean's eleven- the cast is enough to make you have to see this movie.
4. about a boy- a strange, dry comedy with a sweet story line. great hugh grant movie. it made me want to read the book as well, though i haven't done that yet.
3.american history x- if you can look past the language and violence, this movie is amazing. one of my favorites from ed norton.
2.fight club- another movie with both language and ed norton, but once again, great movie.
1.shawshank redemption- turned out to be one of my all time favorite movies ever. tim robbins and morgan freeman made an amazing duo in this one. the dialogue in this movie was terrific.

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aka Molly said...

You know me too well! For some reason MI2 makes my heart kinda swoon. Ummmm, is it the haircut?