in that great street carnival

we took sweet cheeks to her first ever carnival on sunday afternoon. we actually thought it was going to be mostly crafts & such, but were happy to see all the rides and food. to say sweet cheeks had a blast wouldn't be saying enough. she really had way more fun than i ever expected her to. i also learned she is definitely an adrenaline junkie like her daddy. no fear of speed, no fear of heights... she is nothing like me in that respect. i was the photographer for the day. i really had so much fun watching the expressions on her face. i had the best time watching her have some serious fun.

i took this picture right when we got to the carnival. this is sweet cheeks with her cousin. when i told them to get together so i could take their picture, sweet cheeks went right into her "this is how i smile with all my fans for the paparazzi" stance. she really acts the part, doesn't she.

the other highlight of the carnival day was the face painting, which was another first for her(as was the funnel cake not pictured). i wasn't sure if she would be able to go through with it once they started to paint her, but sweet cheeks ended up sitting for them very well and was able to have her entire face painted like a butterfly, or mariposa as we call them.

now seriously, isn't this the absolute best picture of a girl and her dog!
just look at how blue is looking back at sweet cheeks.
(you will also notice her etsy princess necklace in this shot. she wears it daily!)


not from the carnival but from another warm day last week, i was able to get this great picture of sweet cheeks. there isn't a day that goes by that i am not thankful for my daughter, the most beautiful person on earth.


thank you to people magazine for yet another picture of the cruise's in which they look fakely happy. what a strange couple! they look so uncomfortable touching one another.


on a funnier note, i thought i would share this website for whimsy press. they have some funny notecards, as well as some stylish ones. not sure why but i loved this one. short & not-so-sweet:


Beth said...

Love the mariposa pix, especially the one with Blue. They are growing up so fast!

aka Molly said...

Adorable pics of Caroline! What's up with Katie's gold jacket??

Bettina said...

WOW, love the picture of SCC with her dog. A close second - SCC with her cousin. Glamorous!

Carly said...

I love that picture of SCC with her dog too! And that slide...the look on her face is GREAT!

LOL at the picture of the two love birds Katie and Tom. Hahaha. Yeah, you can tell they are in love!

Carly said...

Oh, and nope, nothing yet on the nanny front. We are in "talks" with another French girl though. Yay!