our house in the middle of our street

well my parents house isn't really in the middle of a street, more like the middle of a small country town in north georgia that barely makes the map but i still felt like using those old talking heads lyrics. sweet cheeks and i went to visit my parents this past weekend. it is still always so strange to go back to the house where i spent a good part of my life. seeing it now, it seems so small but when we first moved to this house from new jersey, i remember it seemed so huge. it was a big deal going from 1 to 3 bathrooms for a family of 6. our visit was short. we were there saturday night and sunday, but so worth the drive. all of sweet cheeks cousins were there for her to play with and i know she had a great time.

here is my parents house. i can't believe they have lived here over 20 years now. they have such an amazing, open front yard for the kids to run around on. no worries about street traffic here!

my nephew found a large piece of moss off a rock and was carrying it around showing all the other kids. (he could quite possibly become the next bill nye the science guy) before you knew it, they all had their own piece of moss! not sure what this face is that sweet cheeks is making here.

the girls were having fun putting grass in their mouth with their uncle. sweet little country girls-

sweet cheeks enjoyed the swing.


quilt baby is a site that i recently came across that sells quilts (go figure!), bibs, mobiles, and onesies. i really love all of the prints that their items are offered in. i am thinking about getting this print on a quilt/pillow set for sweet cheeks. i don't think the price seems too high. what do you think?

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Sara said...

the quilts are cute- not bad price either!
I like the sage full bloom one and the etsy white one :)