sailing takes me away to where i'm going

one of the husbands all time favorite things to do every springtime is go to yard sales. not me. i loathe them actually. i find no fun in rummaging through other people's junk. it leaves me feeling dirty and wanting a shower. however, i will not let my opinion stand in the way of his fun. he took sweet cheeks yard-sailing for the first time on saturday. it worked out perfectly because this gave me a good 2 hours to do some much needed cleaning of the house. they came home with a few goodies for the both of them. thankfully, nothing for me. he got himself a golf bag. and for her..... her first easy bake oven. sweet cheeks was so flippin excited carrying it into the house all by herself. she was ready to cook. (don't worry- me the germ person was sure to hose down, scrub down, and disinfect the thing) she was a bit sad though when she realized it didn't open in the front like a conventional oven, rather you slide it in on one side and it comes out the other.

the outtakes:

taking her graham cracker crust out of the oven- she looks so proud, doesn't she

adding the marshmallow creme-

in the end, she had a few bites of her very first easy bake oven smore. i tasted it out of sheer curiosity and it wasn't great but that wasn't the point, right.
i am still trying to get that marshmallow off of the kitchen table.


another mommy challenged me with the task of sending her a few baby shower gift ideas. i was ecstatic at the thought. i came across so many great things i would have wanted myself when sweet cheeks was a wee little one. i wanted to share just a few of them.

3 Dot sleeping bag from egiggle.

tiny TOMS from planetshoes

TOMS is the company that for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to those in need.

adiri nursing bottles from pokkadots

i would have no desire to attempt breastfeeding again, so i love the idea of these bottles. plus, they have no separate nipple attachment. the top is all one piece. to me, that sounds so much easier for cleaning


amanda said...

Gorgeous photos! Have a good weekend!

aka Molly said...

I never would have taken the "husband" for a yardsaler! We had a neighborhood yardsale last fall and it was fun walking around meeting my neighbors. Miss you girl.