hot dog

what a fun day we had saturday. well, most of it. i am not including the trip down to the stadium which to the phil was a complete nightmare and words a 3 yo should not hear were flying left and right. trying to get to the stadium itself was met with detour after detour, which was quite frustrating. we eventually made it and the rest of the trip was great. well ok, great until the cold and the rain came, and the umbrella directly in our view of the field. to sum it up, we had one good hour at the braves game but it was still so worth it. sweet cheeks really enjoyed the crowd and the food. she ate a hot dog, pretzel, lemonade, and then cotton candy. you can see why she is now a big fan of the game.

hard to believe, but this was sweet cheeks at her very first braves game when she was 18 months old. i can't believe how small she was. what a cutie. (of course she still is a cutie but a 3 yo cutie, not a 18 mos old cutie) i can remember thinking at the time of this game that she was so big. thankfully she still has those delicious cheeks.

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Xiomara said...

Glad you made it to the game in one piece. I am hoping that the ride home was a lot better. The hot dog, pretzel look so good.Yummm!!!!