you've got style, that's what all the girls say

i swear this is something all little girls are just born with, the desire to look fancy as we call it in our house. slowly over the last couple of months, sweet cheeks has been collecting quite a bit of dress up stuff. i got her one big bin from target the other day to keep all of it together. the shoes, necklaces, scarves, tutu's, and glasses are all in there. she really loves dressing up and including every accessory she can. saturday morning this was the ensemble she had put together for herself (and don't be fooled, those aren't golf clubs but ski poles as she is a member of "ski patrol" with her other backyardigan friends)

you can only imagine how excited sweet cheeks was to find out that today was dress up day at school, along with funny hair day. so she of course welcomed the idea to do both! initially she was wearing her bunny ears but changed to a tiara when she got to school. if only you could see her whole head, you would be able to count FIVE ponytails there.

with all that being said about dress up, it brings me to this great idea that i found on another site i love to browse, ohdeedoh.

I would absolutely love to make something like this for my little girl who loves to doll herself up. not only do i love the organization aspect of it, i also love how toddler friendly it would be for her. maybe, just maybe, i will attempt one of my own and then share it too!

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