just a quickie

sweet cheeks and i had a fun but very busy weekend with my 3 nieces. it was so much for for sweet cheeks but wore me out. i will have a regular post soon but due to sheer laziness, for now i am only posting two things.

first, an oldie but goodie picture of sweet cheeks. i absolutely adore this photo and can't believe how fast she is growing. i want to slow time. definitely the same cheeks, but with longer hair!

pedipeds are the cutest toddler shoe out there. sweet cheeks had two pairs when she was just learning to walk. they are such a soft shoe with a nice soft sole that still offers a bit of support. so since i showed a toddler picture of her, here is a cute pair of toddler janine pedipeds shoes from the pajama squid. be sure to browse the rest of the site. they have so many more cute items.


Bettina said...

Defiantly SCC. Cute picture. I love looking at older pictures too.

Sara said...

I love Pedipeds too! I never got Catherine any (i was always too cheap!), but I do hope to get Hannah some.
Cute oldie pic of Caroline!