girls girls girls

so i don't even try to keep it a secret that if there was the 100% guarantee that i could have another daughter, i would do it in a second. part of this stems from the fact that i absolutely love and adore sweet cheeks so much that i would love to do it again. also, the girl is sweet as can be and would make an amazing big sister. she adores being with other kids. another reason is that my sister is my absolute best friend in the world. i couldn't imagine my life without her and wouldn't want to. i want so much for sweet cheeks to have that same kind of relationship with a sister that i have with mine. i think girls are the best. always so sweet, so smart, so considerate. why wouldn't i want to have another girl. all this being said, we know there is no guarantee so i can't do it. this doesn't stop me from noticing all of the other fortunate mommies of two girls out there. i feel like they are everywhere. i am sure most of them didn't even think twice about just how blessed they were to have two girls. to be able to give their daughter an homemade best friend. what a gift that must be. so i can't help but feel a little jealous when i see it happening everyday. just today, a friend of mine came to tell me the story of how her sister in law had her 2nd daughter in the car today. yes, i did just say that she had her baby IN THE CAR! how crazy is that. but despite the crazy place for a birth to occur, my first thought was how lucky she was to be getting another daughter. it is just an amazing thing though, sisters.

and now, some pictures of sweet cheeks over the long holiday weekend. we did so much- 2 birthday parties, shopping trip to the mall, cook out, and dinner with the grandparents. we were quite busy but had a great weekend.

here she is in her witness protection picture-

don't flame me, please. 99.9% of the time she is wearing a helmet when she rides her bike. i just so happened to remember all of her knee, elbow, and hand pads but totally forgot the helmet. believe me, she doesn't go fast... at all!

blowing bubbles at the cook out-

sweetly sitting with her cousin (thankfully the battery was out of this thing!)

and the annual memorial day wedgie picking!


have you seen the new indiana jones movie yet, the kingdom of the crystal skull? i haven't yet but i really can't wait to. you just gotta love harrison ford!


Sara said...

I love the pictures of Caroline- so cute!
I do admit I love having 2 girls. It's the best!
Though a boy would be nice next go around :) (for davis of course)

Bettina said...

I can't really relate with having a sister - I only have brothers, but I can only imagine how great it would be. I'm sorry to hear you are having a rough time :-(
LOL at the annual wedgie picking picture though, and what a cute hat SCC got on.