a new fan

she is at it again! sweet cheeks and her 6 yo cousin were in her playroom playing dress up last weekend. i gotta say, the girl is good at coming up with outfits, as is her cousin. i came up the stairs to find her looking like this:

she got the outfit, the shoes, the hat, and the accessories covered! i tried to make her change before going out to dinner that night. we ended in a compromise and she left the house in the skirt but without the shoes, hat & shirt.

as i just said, sweet cheeks loves to play with her 6 yo cousin all the time. she doesn't only want to play with her, she wants to imitate everything her cousin does. it is pretty funny to watch my 3yo say she is a highschooler. one of my nieces favorite things to play with are polly pockets, so you can just guess who polly pockets newest & youngest fan is?

disney now sells a version of princess polly pocket figures. sweet cheeks will gladly play with either. yesterday i cleaned out her closet while she independently played with her toys for almost an hour. now anyone with a toddler will tell you this is a long time! thank you polly pocket and your millions of tiny shoes that i am continually stepping on!


when sweet cheeks was a baby, i had purchased these black foam squares from target for her to play on. kind of made it her own little play space with her toys on it. you have seen them before in the black, or in the colored alphabet squares like these:

well now skip-hop has introduced the absolute cutest squares in some really great colors. what baby wouldn't want to play on these:

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Bettina said...

I love it how creative they are at this age - great outfit! I love SCC's room.