when i drive myself my light is found

yes, lyrics to 'drive' by one of my favorite bands, incubus. i went with that since someone small is driving her own ride now. sweet cheeks and her dad did the big yard sailing again this weekend (two hours of cleaning time for me) and found a real steal. she is now the proud owner of a motorized barbie jeep. it is the cutest thing, especially with her behind the wheel. when they got back to the house with it on saturday morning, sweet cheeks cousin had just got to our house, so the two got to test it out for the first time together. i think they both loved it. now if we could just teach sweet cheeks to steer. currently, i am walking beside her steering for her. hopefully she will catch on shortly.

and here she is... dressed up for pizza at the house of course!

her cheeks are naturally so cute and chunky, but look at the cutie cheeks all full of air for blowing bubbles-

i love her in headbands. i wish she would wear them more often but she has no patience for them. i need to find some new hairclips for her. to etsy i go...


things that would be small to someone other than me, the mom:

-the other day sweet cheeks and i were playing hide n seek and she counted to thirty on her own

-she can write the letters t & c on her own, and if we write them side by side, she can write my name on her own

-only one night accident in over 3 months of sleeping in big girl undies

-she is doing math on her fingers

-her memory is amazing. she compared a skull on a burger king cup yesterday to my sinus x-rays that she saw about 2 months ago

she surprises me everyday with something new!


i have discovered that there are two kinds of people in this world-
those that lick their fingers to turn the page and those that don't.
i am the latter. which are you?
(be warned, i think the first is not only obnoxious, but a bit gross)


Sara said...

I love the yard sale find!!
(we've been planning on getting Catherine a car for her b'day too)
They can cruise together!!

Bettina said...

Cool ride! SCC will have the steering figured out in no time.