the show does go on...

another video but better since we know this rockstar.

my sweet cheeks is still a huge carly fan, even though she got the boot from AI. she never once judged the contestant for the many, and i mean many, tattoos that she has. maybe it was the irish accent that sweet cheeks was drawn to. once carly was gone, sweet cheeks refused to watch any new episodes of the show and only watches one old one that has carly on it singing a queen song. she gets up on our fireplace, uhmm i mean stage, and sings right along with her into her $7 target microphone (which sweet cheeks is currently requesting a stand to). she is quite good.
take a look for yourself at my superstar!


***the t-shirt sweet cheeks is wearing is from texas and says alamo on it. her aunt brought it back for her from a work trip and it is now sweet cheeks favorite tee. she requests it daily!


Sara said...

watch out american idols of the future!! Cute clip!

Bettina said...

LOL, was that daddy whispering in the background? This was really a cute video too.

aka Molly said...