no card still

i have been a slacker lately. needless to say, i haven't bought a new chip for my camera so no new pics of sweet cheeks to share. i will definitely have to buy one before friday though so i can take lots of great 4th of july pics. we are going to a parade in the morning, then if she can stay awake we will see fireworks that night. this will be a first for her. i wonder if the noise will bother her?

when sweet cheeks was between 1 & 2 years old, she had the cutest little tee with her name on it. she has since outgrown the tee but i didn't want to just throw it away since it had her name on it and was super cute. i then sought out a crafty person in my department at work to make something out of it. yes, i had to have someone else do it for me because as we all know, i am just not crafty. well this person that i work with did an amazing job. she turned sweet cheeks old tee into the cutest little bag. no doubt that my bag-full-of-too-much-stuff obsessed toddler is going to absolutely love it.


here is a cutie little bib & shaker set in our great american colors. nothing says americana more so than pirates, right. it is from a great little website called silly dilly top spot. they have lots of other cute things like books, toys, puzzles, plates, and clothes, but i am sharing this particular set since the 4th is right around the corner.

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