all the leaves are brown...

well the leaves aren't brown... they aren't even close to brown but i look forward to when the leaves begin to change. the reason being is that i absolutely love fall. crisp morning/evening temperatures are one of my favorite things. i love shopping for fall clothes. i am more than ready for jeans, boots, and sweaters. i am ready yet i find myself buying sweet cheeks fall clothes, not myself! she probably isn't ready. i am sure she will appreciate the cool temps outside and the mosquitoes finally going away. i did a little on-line shopping at one of my favorite websites the other day, miniboden.

here are two shirts that i ordered for her- you will definitely see a theme here


UGHH. i finally just saw a preview for "private practice." i had been wondering when the new season was going to start. i recall a time when the average tv show new season would start in early september. seems it doesn't start till october 1st. when did october become the norm?

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aka Molly said...

Seems like all tv seasons have been out of wack since the writers' strike. We're waiting for Lost, Rescue Me, Heroes, The Shield, Damages, and The Biggest Loser. (don't you dare laugh!).