i want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike

sweet cheeks got a set of her own big girl wheels! yes, she is off the trike and is now riding a 12" purple, princess bicycle. the bike of course had to offer room for phoebe as well. it is amazing. i actually think she does so much better on this bike than she did on the 3 wheeled kind. this one does have the training wheels, or stabilizers as "charlie and lola" call them. i am so impressed with just how great she does riding her bike though. we took her on saturday to a nearby park so she could ride freely on flat ground. our driveway is quite steep and we don't have sidewalks. i absolutely love watching her go.

sweet cheeks is a safety girl. she seriously wouldn't dare thinking about riding at all without her helmet.

and she is off-

so cute, she and her doll cruising together.

after the bike ride was over, we walked the park a little. sweet cheeks attitude quickly soured when mommy wouldn't carry her. sorry but it was way too hot and i know she knows how to walk!


yippy for vacation. we will return next week. i will have lots of great stories and pictures to share then.



Sara said...

that bike looks so big!

Bettina said...
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Bettina said...

Trying again - my comment was not making sense, LOL.
SCC and Phoebe looks so cute on the bike together.
Enjoy your vacation. Hope it's somewhere fun :-)