summer, summer, summertime

there is nothing better than a beach vacation to remind you that it is actually summertime. when you work full time and your daughter is in daycare all day, you loose perspective of just what the summer is supposed to mean. sure we still deal with the heat, the storms, and the mosquitos but that is just a sad reminder of what we are not getting to do. we got to experience our summer in just one short week. we felt the heat and the sweat from the near 100 degree temps. it was worth it. sweet cheeks had an absolute blast on her beach trip and i am so excited to share pics of my beach babe with you. i was impressed with my little fish in the water. we do not have a pool, nor are we part of club, so we do not swim much at all. that did not stop sweet cheeks from wanting to swim on her own (with the help of swimmies) in the pool and the ocean. i am thankful she has no fear just yet of what is lurking below her feet in those dark ocean waters. it is that same fear that kept my feet planted in the sand. sweet cheeks actually feared the sand more once she saw all the sand crabs continually popping in and out.

building a sand castle-


more snacking-

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Sara said...

What great pictures- looks like C had a blast!!
I love the water park pictures too!!