and she shows them pearly white

sweet cheeks had her very first trip to the dentist monday. let me say, the girl did great. the parent does not go to the back with them. i understand this as sweet cheeks does behave differently with others when i am not around, so i was ok with this. i was just hoping she would be too! the dental assistant came out to us in the waiting room, explained everything that would take place, then walked off with my little girl. about 20 minutes they returned, ariel tattoo and lip gloss in hand. sweet cheeks did fabulous. they were even able to clean her teeth.

even though i wasn't able to go back with them, a super nice assistant offered to take a picture for me. i was then happy to find about 5 pictures total on my camera. i thought that was great of them to do, so i was able to see just what sweet cheeks experienced when i wasn't with her.

i am such a sap. i love these pics of my girl but it is also yet again a sad reminder of just what a big girl she is now. where did my baby go?


aka Molly said...

That was awesome that they took pictures for you. And I love that she brought her doll back with her!

Sara said...

so nice of them to take pictures for you!