summer, summer, summertime part II

we took sweet cheeks to her first water park while on vacation. i wasn't sure what to expect from the park or sweet cheeks, but it turned out to be a great experience all around, despite the horrible germy feeling that remained with you from water park to shower! there were two water slides for the toddlers, a wave pool, and a lazy river. we did everything we could that was size/age appropriate. a few of the adults did go on some of the bigger slides and briefly felt like kids again.

unfortunately, all of my pictures of sweet cheeks on the water slides were in fact just pictures of water slides. i guess she was a lot faster than the camera was.

walking out of the water from one of the slides-

fresh off the bigger girl slide, sunglasses & all-

the family shot at lunch time-

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Mom said...

Who is that Georgia girl wearing the New York Yankees cap?