they say NO for a reason


it looks so sweet and innocent. it is not.

i mentioned on my blog the other day about our first movie night with popcorn and how i limit sweet cheek's intake of it because i have always read that it was a choking hazard.

she has had it 5 times in her life. the 5th time she choked.

the husband had to heimlich her last night. it wasn't pretty. it was down right scary.
she tried putting her own hand in her mouth to get it out. poor girl. you could tell it scared her, as it did us.

thanks to her daddy, and his quick and calm actions, she was and is fine.

no more popcorn for her though. at least not until she is 20.


Bettina said...

OMG, how scary!!!!! I would think they would be ok to eat popcorn by now. Lucas loves it.
I'm glad SCC is ok (and you to).

aka Molly said...

That's always been a fear of mine, and thankfully we've never had had a choking scare. I'm sooooo glad she's ok!