and i'm gonna swim swim swim swim swim...

just got back from a super vacation with the husband and sweet cheeks, as well as my sister, her husband, and their two children. it was such a fun trip all together. and as close as i am with my sister, this was actually our first family vacation together. we won't wait so long to do it again!

i know sweet cheeks absolutely loved having the kids there to play with. they played games, swam (a lot!), rode bikes, and were just all around silly together. it was great.

just a few pics to share of our vacation-

beach time. sweet cheeks rocks in her barbie shades

sweet cheeks and her cousin playing a game

swim time- that is sweet cheeks with the yellow swimmies on

sweet cheeks absolutely loves the ocean- for swimming, sand time, and snacks!

my girlfriend drove down with her two kids to visit us for a night. here are all the kiddos together!

here we are out to dinner- love the kids faces

me and sweet cheeks


love this new shop for kids clothing, decor, and accessories- it is called hijkids.

sugar cookie dress in green

pixie top in chocolate dots

ric rac blouse

verta rae scarf with embroidered flowers

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Sara said...

looks lie y'all had a nice trip! Where did you go?