and the oscar goes to...

this is a common phrase heard in our house. i really have to wonder where (no, please, don't point fingers) sweet cheeks learned to be so dramatic. she really kills the husband and i sometimes with her behavior and the things she says.

tonight, after a very long, busy, napless day, i was putting sweet cheeks to bed. we walked into her room, and immediately things went down hill. how does that happen so quickly? all it took was her asking me if i would play with her. i told her no, since we had come upstairs to read and go to bed.

then the drama. oh the drama...

"but you are supposed to play with me. when someone doesn't have a brother or sister, the mommy or daddy has to always play with them."- so says sweet cheeks.

she may as well have been on her knees, hands clenched, knuckles white, while staring me straight in the eyes.

she was seriously pouring rain down her face saying this to me. as sweet as this really was, the fact that she really thought those words would work on me and i would give in and play with her because she was indeed correct. she is an only child.

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Sara said...

That's hilarious!
We have some drama here too, often- it's the territory when it comes with girls I think :)