family matters

sweet cheeks was fortunate to spend a lot of time with her cousins this past weekend.

friday night we had dinner out with my sister, her husband, and their two kids to celebrate my sister's birthday. after dinner, we took the kids to get ice cream and they had so much fun playing chase and having races.

the kiddos on the bench outside the ice cream parlor. they have so much fun together, as seen by those happy faces.

saturday, sweet cheeks and i made the two hour drive up to my parent's house to see my dad for father's day(sadly he wasn't feeling that well that day). my sister was there with her kids, and 3 of my brother's 4 kids were also there. so sweet cheeks had a great day playing with 5 of her 8 cousins.

here she is on the porch swing with her cousins and her uncle jeremy!

sweet cheeks took this picture of me with my mom. my shirt looks weird because i had to try to photoshop my weird, tori-spelling-like cleavage out of the picture. not sure how that happened!

sunday, sweet cheeks, the dogs, and i were all out in the front yard for a short stint of time. none of us could take more than 5 minutes in the 90 degree heat. it was brutal. i was quick though to try to get some good swing shots of sweet cheeks!

here she is swinging, while the dogs were lounging! you have to squint to see bodi there in the way background. blue always lays in the same spot.. in the way!

adorable in her new orange and white carter's dress.


aka Molly said...

Seeing the porch picture reminded me of all the high school hangouts at the Smith house! Missing you!!

Bettina said...

Great pictures. I had to LOL at you photo shopping your cleavage
It's been so hot here too. We were out in it all day Sunday - it was tough!