a day with these animals and with those animals

sweet cheeks had a great visit on sunday to the zoo. we went with some friends of ours and their twin boys. we invited our friends to go with us, and they in turn got us into the zoo...for free. how great is that! they are members and had passes for us. doesn't get any better than that. thanks friends. in the end, the day was great, though full of tantrums and time-outs.

the beautiful giraffes-

sweet cheeks and the boys in a nest. the day was a lot like this picture, the boys together and sweet cheeks keeping her distance!

as the boys got onto the bench, sweet cheeks slowly slid herself to the other end of it. her actions spoke louder than her words, right boys.

she actually played along with them on the playground. here they are being spiderboy and spidergirl.

mini rock climbers-


these are my new favorite pants. i easily fall in love with a pant that can make my legs feel long and make me feel slender! they must be magic.

these are lightweight striped hip slung pants from the gap. love them.

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Bettina said...

Love the shirt on SCC and the pants too! LOL at keeping her distance from the boys.