she's nothin but country

the husband and i are officially raising a georgia peach.

sweet cheeks asked me for her "tennis shoes" today. TENNIS SHOES. i quickly asked her if she was referring to her sneakers.

it is definitely fun for the husband and i to see which words sweet cheeks picks up on to use in her personal dictionary, as i still use certain northern words having grown up in new jersey. the husband is straight up georgia!

after all, he pronounces syrup as sirup. we all know it is pronounced seerup.


just felt like sharing a picture of my peach from when she was 11 months old. how flippin adorable was she in that little ballet dress that was two sizes too big for her!


Mom said...

Not to worry, maybe she's playing tennis today!

Sara said...

gotta agree w/ the other two- tennis shoes and sirup it is!!

Beth said...

Hey, I didn't know tennis shoes was a southern thing :) Love the picture, so sweet!

aka Molly said...

No, it's surup!