i walk these streets, a loaded six-string on my back

i have mentioned before the coffee house concerts that take place quite often in our guest room. also called a studio. sweet cheeks will sing while the husband plays his guitar. it is such a fun thing to watch. not only is the music entertaining, it is the best thing to see the two of them doing something together (jamming) that they both enjoy so much. i can only play the role of audience since my voice and my instrumental skills are the absolute worst. anyway, so we upped the concerts today. we got sweet cheeks her own six-string. she absolutely loves it. normally she will coffee house with the husband for 20 minutes or so but this afternoon she did not want to stop playing. tonight, after a great dinner at our friend's house, sweet cheeks ran upstairs once we were home to play some more music on her rockin, blue flame guitar.

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