she was hit in the face with a mint... that's what i said

we had a great holiday weekend.

the fourth of july rocked for us. we started saturday off with a parade. sweet cheeks was so excited for it as she remembered the stash of candy she received last year. so she was smart this time and brought an extra, empty purse with her for collecting candy. she got lots. she was even pegged in the head with a mint! poor girl. it actually made her cry and left a bruise!

after the parade, we went for some fun kid activities. unfortunately, we got there way too late and the only thing for the kids to do was face painting.

sweet cheeks jumped right into the chair and said, "i will have a butterfly with pink, red, and white." the girl knows what she wants.

here she is all smiles- face paint & snow cone (cup) in hand.

we walked to see the fireworks. again, it was wonderful.

here is the husband pulling sweet cheeks in her wagon (which we only use once a year, and the fourth of july is it)

me, sweet cheeks, and her hot fudge sundae. nothing says happy birthday america more than a mcdonalds sundae.

here is the moment. this was absolutely my most favorite part of the fireworks. i do not think of myself as the weepy, emotional type but this did me in. i wanted to make this moment last forever. seeing sweet cheeks sitting on her daddy's lap watching the fireworks, he all smiles while pulling her hair out of her face, and the both of them intently staring ahead. i could not take my eyes off of them. it was a moment i seriously wanted to freeze in time to allow me to take in every possible thing that my 5 senses would allow. i was so happy in that very instant. that was all it took.

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Bettina said...

Great pictures! Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend except the incident with the mint ;-)