this was going to be about the ice cream trip

one day after school last week, sweet cheeks asked if i would take her for ice cream. this isn't a part of our normal after school routine but i felt like giving in to her simple request for a treat. after all, she was wearing a good listening sticker! so off to bruster's we went for some oh-so-tasty ice cream. we shared a cone of mint chocolate chip. sharing is my way of dieting! i love all of their flavors but chocolate is my favorite.

so sweet cheeks and i sat in the back of my wagon, top open, eating our ice cream. we tried sitting outside on a bench at first but it started raining, so we quickly improvised with the car.

she was loving the ice cream!

unfortunately this post can't be all about the goodness of ice cream. life isn't always about the lemonade folks! i have to share some reality now.

it is not easy being a parent. the husband and i try our absolute best to be amazing parents, keeping our child from harm. i know certain incidents are just out of our control, like simple trips, falls, bruises, bites, and bumps. if we could keep sweet cheeks from ever experiencing pain, problems, or any of the such, you know we would.

she wears a bike helmet every single time she rides her bike or scooter to keep that beautiful head of hers from getting hurt.

she rides in her 5-point harness car seat in my car.

i (sadly) remind her to chew her food all the way to avoid choking.

we ask her to walk, rather than run, while we are out for a walk with the dogs because we know she will fall down if she did run. and seriously, we don't want this girl to ever need stitches for a cracked head!

we really do what we can.

but today was one of those days when despite everything good, you feel like a bit of a failure.

sweet cheeks has two cavities. yes, i did say two. one on each side of her upper teeth, both on the very last molar.

yup! that sucks. not only because i hate that she has to have them filled but with a filling comes a shot of novocaine. a shot! granted she is treated to the lovely goofy gas before hand, but who wants their kid to get a shot? not me.

it just sucks because you feel like a complete loser of a parent who can't provide good oral hygiene for your child. i only have one kid. one mouth to brush. one mouth to floss and i apparently didn't do a great job! OUCH! that hurts. she feels the brunt of it though.

we seriously brush her teeth. we even (though not daily) use flossers on her teeth. princess flossers people!

so i humbly (hanging head in shame all the while feeling pretty pathetic) asked the hygienist to take me to the back and show me how to correctly brush my kid's teeth. it isn't that easy to do... to brush someone else's teeth other than your own. in fact, it feels down right awkward but still, no excuses right.

the ice cream story was better.

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Bettina said...

Don't beat yourself up! I think it's so hard to brush kid's teeth. They are just not cooperative at all! She'll be ok, and luckily it's her baby teeth. Look at the bright side!