granny does your dog bite? no, child, no.

sweet cheeks has music class once a week at school. she absolutely loves this class. i really think she takes after her dad in so many ways. one being her love for music, instruments, and singing.

sweet cheeks and i were laying on her bed last night after what turned into a 40 minute bedtime tantrum. she had finally calmed down enough for us to talk about our day's events, which we do nightly.

she told me that her music teacher brought in "something like a violin that you play on your shoulder but it is called a fiddle." i love hearing her fascination with new things and new words. it really makes everything so new to me as well, hearing it with her fresh tone.

suddenly, i couldn't help but think of the song "the devil went down to georgia" as the only example of a fiddle-playing song. there has got to be others (probably all by the charlie daniels band) but i can't think of them.

after a quick second of singing the song to myself, i realized it probably isn't a good one to be sharing with sweet cheeks. not just yet anyway.

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