and their off. no, wait. we're off.

sweet cheeks took a chance and invited me to join her and her daddy on their saturday morning routine. remember what that is? yard sailing! i felt honored that she would invite me again considering every time i go, their finds are few. so i loved that i had a second chance to prove them wrong.

if sweet cheeks knew what our morning would have been like, she probably would not have invited me. the yard sales were few and far between that morning. the ones we did find did not have anything kid for her. this was not a good thing.

it wasn't a total loss though. we really all had a great time together. i brought the camera along so you can see what their routine is like. unfortunately, i forgot to take pictures half of the time. not surprising, right.

i love that they head out with no direction in mind. just watch for signs. sweet cheeks is great at spotting them.

the first stop was a wash. well, not a complete wash. i got this silly picture on the walk.

i really think this is the entire reason sweet cheeks enjoys their saturday morning routine. the gas station stop for whatever snack she wants. sweet freedom.

she seriously spent a good 10 minutes on a total of 3 aisles trying to decide what to get. she ended up with some sour candy.

after only a few more stops, she was tuckered out. doesn't take much. daddy, her hero, was there to carry her!

yard sailing is not for me though. i just don't have the patience.

i am always amazed at how much money people try to get for something they do not even want. seriously. i saw a pair of matching lamps and they were asking $85 for them. this is a yard sale people!

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