monkeys in the park

last weekend, sweet cheeks and i spent the day with my sister and her two kiddos. we had lunch out and then ventured over to the park so they could all play. sadly, it was a lot cooler in the morning then when we actually got to the park so we didn't stay too long. the time spent there though was great for the kids.

hard to believe that she actually smiled for the camera. that is rare

sweet cheeks was the monkey in the middle here

sweet cheeks in an overly large swing (sporting a funny face)

my favorite pic of them all together. love how they go from smallest to biggest, all with their heads a bit tilted


i seriously overheard this conversation between two people while i was walking in to work today-

1: i am hurting today

2: did you go out last night?

1: yeah. my friend and i went out to see TIFFANY in concert.

2: are you still trashed?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? they weren't talking about a metal concert or some crazy party. this girl went out with a friend to a tiffany concert. remember her songs 'i think were alone now' and 'could've been.' i suddenly pictured them waving their lighters at that one. not something i can see getting wasted to. i really had to laugh. to myself. hard.

seriously... tiffany???


aka Molly said...

Wish I had known Tiffany was in town and I would have sprinted the whole way to Atlanta!

Aimee said...

The kids are adorable!

That is hysterical about "Tiffany" getting trashed at her show, hard to believe!

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