the patient and the homemade

saturday sweet cheeks and i were getting ready to head to a classmate of hers birthday party. i realized we had to leave earlier than originally planned because i hadn't gotten the girl a present yet. not surprising there. so we were a bit rushed for time. sweet cheeks asked if she could "do" my hair. i told her she could while i put on my make-up. so i sat on her stool, i mean salon chair, doing my face while she made my hair gorgeous.

i wasn't really paying attention to what she was doing. normally, she will brush it (pulling out millions upon millions of strands of hair in the process), curl it with her pretend curling iron, fluff it, wet it, whatever. she told me she was coloring my hair pink and brown. i was preoccupied with the hiding of under eye circles that i just went along with whatever she was saying/doing.

i finished my make-up, turned around and saw her standing there with a lipstick in her hand.

yes, you guessed it.

she did color my hair pink.... with lipstick.

it wasn't worth getting mad about. no time for that. i asked her to please not color mommy's hair again with lipstick.

we went to the party.

holy cow was my hair nasty, greasy, pink, and sticky. (thankfully not the norm for me)

i hope the other moms there understood!


i have mentioned before, like here and here, that sweet cheek's grandma makes sweet cheeks clothes. she is quite talented. after some convincing from the family and after some hard work on her part, my mom has opened her own etsy shop. go mom.

you can find her here at mariemoe.

she has great color sense and uses some beautiful fabrics, like amy butler and michael miller.

one of her adorable models sporting an original mariemoe-

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aka Molly said...

Ok, where's the picture of your hair?? Caroline's handy with a camera so she could have taken one. haha Did I ever tell you that Elizabeth used to "color" my hair with magic markers? It actually works, much to my chagrin!