sweet cheeks and chuck

due to a cold, sweet cheeks had to go to the doctor last week. (side note- that cold is still lingering! poor sweet cheeks has had a cough, congestion, and stuffy nose for 2 weeks now) as a reward for being such an amazing patient for her doctor, her daddy took her to target for a prize. she picked her first pair of pink high-top converse. holy taco are these shoes the cutest thing ever on her. i absolutely adore her in them.

sweet cheeks is also so darn close to tying her own shoelaces now. so close!

she went with a pink theme in her attire. this tank is one of her personal favorites. no denying it is because it has the word "lipgloss" on it. such a girl.

my chucks meet her chucks

our local farmers market happens every wednesday. the good thing is that it takes place in the parking lot next to sweet cheek's school, so either the husband or i take her every week. her favorite thing to get is homemade jelly. her absolutely most favorite thing to get is a nutella crepe. it is so yummy!

watching the crepe master prepare her crepe

a smile and a crepe- what a way to start any wednesday!


Mom said...

Good morning,
I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoy reading your blog.
I love you,

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