monica's secret closet

i remember an episode of 'friends' from years back. in this particular episode monica reveals to chandler her secret closet. and unlike the rest of monica's apartment, and life for that matter, this closet was an absolute crazy mess. well it turns out that i have a secret closet as well (literally, not figuratively).

so the husband, sweet cheeks, and i decided to take a saturday afternoon to tackle one of our 3 messy closets. it wasn't fun, but boy did it make a positive difference. our approach was one that i had seen on tv before. we emptied the closet and sorted everything into 3 groups- keep, donate, and trash. i loved this method and think it worked out great (so long as the husband didn't see quite everything going into the donate pile!).

this is pretty embarrassing to show, but surely i am not alone in the messy closet area, right? so here is the before shot of the closet located just off our laundry room, and my gosh is it a wreck.

sweet cheeks in the garage with our messy piles. she really had fun helping us with this task

an empty closet which reveals some pretty hideous flooring. i actually forgot it even had a floor! hadn't seen it in a while

ahhhh... the sweet after shot. it looks so much better and is so much easier to get things out of now. it is amazing how much better you feel even with one clean, organized closet in the house.


this is sweet cheeks in the car the other day. seriously, this girl rocks. you gotta love her headband, necklace, and my sunglasses on her!

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aka Molly said...

Since we seriously lack closet space, we don't have a "secret closet", but lately I've gotten in the ill habit of filling plastic bins and tucking them away to organize later. Proud of you for tackling that closet!!