for tiny tooshes

when sweet cheeks was a baby, i was definitely afraid of the restaurant highchairs. G-E-R-M-S galore. it took a long time before we ever let her use one of them. and thankfully that phase was short lived.

at first, we would just bring in her stroller and let her sit in it. sometimes i would bring her bumbo along for her to use.

then i got this handy seat from chico that attaches right to the table. it was great and so convenient, initially. the seat often got stuck and i would end up pretty mad after a 10 minute struggle in a restaurant trying to get her seat off of the table. convenient, yes. pain in the butt, yes.

the chico seat looked similar to this one here-

i came across this handysitt portable highchair on oompa and fell in love with it. what a unique and stylish look. i imagine it would be easy to tote, and easy to set up and take down. no embarrasing restaurant fights here! the description says it only weighs 5 lbs, so definitely light enough to carry with one hand while the kiddo is in the other.

i swear all the cool things came out once sweet cheeks hit 3 and we didn't need them anymore.

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Bettina said...

When we were back in Denmark a couple of my friends were using them. Very convenient to bring when you're visiting family/friends cause not everybody has a high chair.