copy cat

picture this if you will... me running on the treadmill. already a stretch to imagine isn't it seeing how i am usually quite the lazy, inactive type. but i am hoping to change that about myself. today being day one of my change. gotta start somewhere, right. good health is an attainable goal but it is the idea of me in a bathing suit in jamaica come february that is really inspiring me to start exercising again. ugh! how i loathe bathing suits. LOATHE! so i hope to at least get myself to the point of not feeling horribly embarrassed on the long walk from pool chair to the pool without my cover up on! that is what i call the pool walk of shame.

back to the mental picture though, me on a treadmill. pony tail and headband. ipod in holder around my arm. ear plugs. sneakers. tank top. now you get the picture.

now, picture this. sweet cheeks on the track, i mean floor. pony tail and headband. ipod shuffle around her arm. ear plugs. sneakers. tank top. adorable. the girl is the cutest thing in the world.

and she exercised right along with me for 10 minutes. (don't worry- i didn't stop when she did!)
she did walking/running laps on her own den course.

the cutest copy cat ever.


JD said...

cute! Connor likes to "exercise" too with the Wii Fit, or just running circles around the couch.

Mom said...

If I looked as good as you do I would NEVER exercise!

Bettina said...

Cute! Lucas exercises along with his daddy too. He knows his regiment.

Anonymous said...

That's so cute! Not exactly workout related but my son follows my husband around when he is mowing. He follows right alongside him pushing his little tyke mower along. It's the cutest thing!