double dare you

sweet cheeks has asked several times if she could get a bunk bed. i am not sure what the right age is for kids to sleep in bunks, but i am not ready for her to have one now. maybe if she had a sibling i would also reconsider but as we know, she doesn't. the need is just not there.

plus, i really love her ikea hemnes daybed with trundle. it's the perfect size for her room, has storage, and easily sleeps two when her cousin spends the night.

but to entertain the thought for a minute, i went window shopping for daybeds at posh tots and found these beauties!

posh palette slat loft bed in sky blue

fence bunk bed

posh palette slat bunk

carrington twin over full - which is my fav due to the storage underneath


JD said...

I think her current bed is super cute! I'm afraid of bunk beds for my boys--they do too much jumping around as it is!

Beth said...

I understand your concern for bunks. The boys won't get one for a long time. I can only imagine the bones they would break jumping off the top! Ikea is still out of that bed!!!!!

Sara said...

I guess that's why ya gotta love girls- they don't horseplay w/ their bunks and they do love them too!
That ikea is super cute! i haven't seen it since you got this one.

melissa said...

As you know, Cailyn wants bunk beds too and informed me the other night that if I would just get her bunk beds she would stop getting up during the night because then she'd be afraid to climb down.