i let her do that

i have mentioned here before the issues sweet cheeks has when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.

well picking my battles came back to bite me in the butt. morning time is such an issue now when it comes to picking out her clothes. everything is either too tight, too itchy, too short, or just not perfect. the husband and i try to be patient with her for the first two or three outfits, but after that we start to lose it. then she loses it. and now suddenly it is 8 in the morning and we have a crying toddler on our hands. it can be quite frustrating. i wish sometimes that she just didn't care about it so much.

i need to be proactive and continue making her pick out her clothes the night before. this usually does the trick.

so this morning, the same issue starts. sweet cheeks picks out her first outfit, gets dressed, and then says her leggings don't feel comfortable. she changes them. then her skirt is too tight. she changes it. then her sleeves are too itchy. she changes it... 3 times. finally, she brings me a kitten shirt and asks me if it matches her outfit, which it did. then when we are in the bathroom brushing her teeth, i see her shirt has something orange and crusty on the sleeve and something on the front.

i'm just going to put it out there...

i sent her to school today in a dirty shirt.


JD said...

LOL! I've done that before too. Sometimes it's just worth it!

Mom said...

If you didn't notice it until you were that close to her no one else will,(or they will just think she did it at school).