get on the bus gus

came across these hand-sewn, appliqued items on etsy today from tadpole creations. i like the silhouettes and the fabric prints.

this heart bus is adorable. i like transportation on girls clothes. a pleasant break from the usual flowers and cupcakes

cute rhino tee. love the pink and white floral fabric and the original animal choice

love this elephant set. you can pick 3 of the 4, so it can work as a baby gift for either gender

cute polka dot puppy. i like the fabric but not really the shape of the dog

this pocket purse is perfect for a toddler... say a 4 year old toddler who happens to have a passion for purses and a grandma that sews

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melissa said...

I like the elephants, too. I was just looking at the new Mini Boden stuff and one of my favorites is a shirt with a car and suitcases on top. I think there's a camper one, too.