snap, crackle, and pops

we had a really great 4th weekend. my niece and parents came down to celebrate with sweet cheeks, the husband, and me.

saturday night, we drove over to the next town to watch fireworks. it was an impromptu trip and it worked out great. we just parked in a high school parking lot, opened the back of the volvo, and watched from it. it was our own little tail gate party(minus the beer and good food). sweet cheeks loved it. this was night one of her going to be at 10:30pm. so glad we had her take a nap that day.

sunday, we did our usual walk to watch our town fireworks. it was another fun 4th tradition for us. i love being able to walk to them. we brought our chairs, lots of snacks(apparently snacks are involved in just about everything we do), and watched a good 30 minutes worth of a show. this was night two of sweet cheeks 10:30pm bedtime. not something she should make a habit since she is still a very early riser the next day.

monday morning was the parade. and what a great time it was. again, we were able to walk to it. the husband was kind enough to walk up early to set up our chairs in a nice shady spot. worked out great for all of us- thanks husband! sweet cheeks absolute favorite part of the parade every year is the candy. it is like halloween how much candy is thrown to the kids. the parade, which lasted about two hours, was so much fun. except when an annoying lady and 3 girls decided to seek refuge in our shade by standing right in front of us. literally right in front of us. i am fine with them wanting to be in the shade but i was not fine with them standing in our way. nothing will ruin a parade quicker than annoying, ignorant people! i asked them FOUR, yes FOUR times, to move out of our way. they would move like two steps over. not enough to make a difference. i finally gave up. wasn't worth the battle.

we had a great holiday weekend. i love love love being off work for long weekends.

here is just a sampling of the fun that was had-

sweet cheeks and her friend with sparklers before the fireworks started

on our way to the parade- sweet cheeks, rebecca, and catherine. this wagon is only used once a year.. and that is on the 4th.
waiting for the parade to start
everyone with us... sweet cheeks, catherine, hannah, sara, (poor claire was cut off), my niece britney, my mom, the husband, and davis

this braves hat was thrown out to sweet cheeks during the parade. she is a cutie in a hat
my sweetie
and to top it all off... cotton candy (and it was free)


melissa said...

Looks like a fun day!

Bettina said...

I just can't get over how beautiful SCC is. How much fun - sweet hubby to go set up the chairs and boo on the ignorant people.

Sara said...

we had a great time at the parade w/ y'all, as usual!