tighten up

i am not one of those people (and i am sure you know someone like it) who is always way ahead of the game with music and listened to that band before anyone else did. i pretty much just like what i like when i hear it on the radio or when my sister introduces it to me. she has always been the cooler one when it comes to music. i love band of horses because of her. i am so loving this song by the black keys. of course, heard them on the radio.

the song is tighten up and the video is actually pretty funny-

i've been watching a lot of their other videos on youtube and really like them.

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melissa said...

"He smells like ranch drssing." I like that part. :) I don't see it on YouTube, but have you watched the Howlin' for You video Jason posted a few weeks ago? It's hilarious, too.