blue suede shoes minus the blue

i can't believe that in a week or so i am going to be taking sweet cheeks for her 1st ever elementary school back-to-school shopping trip! i am so excited about the shopping, even if it is uniform attire. wish i felt the same about elementary school.

so far all that sweet cheeks and i have picked out are these shoes from garnet hill. we still need to get her a pair of sneakers for gym but we'll get to that later.

morgan & milo suede woodstock mary jane - color picked by sweet cheeks is purple

willits fringe demi boot - color picked is sand

both pairs are a bit hippy looking but in a much more stylish, cute, not so earthy and crunchy kind of way! glad sweet cheeks and i agree on shoes and clothes most of the time. makes it so much easier to shop.

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Sara said...

Cute shoes! I need to take Catherine and Hannah soon for some new school shoes too! I forgot you have to get uniforms for her!