don't you monkey with the monkey

on sunday, the husband and i took sweet cheeks and her cousin to the zoo for the morning. we all love the zoo and go at least once a month. we were hoping to see the new baby giraffe but we were about 3 weeks too early. i should have read the zoo update that the mom and baby aren't out in the watching area yet.

one of our favorite animals to see is the meerkat. he was kind enough to pose for me.

look at these 3 gorillas-

the girls love to get stamps at the panda exhibit and many of them. they totally didn't even go see the pandas, instead they went straight to the exit for the stamps. where's the love?

two of the cutest roos in the zoo

he was having a leisurely morning. we may have even woke him from a nap.


Mom said...

Such cute girls!
Would love to go with you someday.

Bettina said...

So much fun. I guess it's not always about seing the animals. Lucas loves going to the zoo as well - to watch the train that rides in the park :-)