accomplishments- in training

i can not believe how mature my two year old is. she is like an adult trapped in this tiny, wobbly, finicky, toddler body. even with my nieces and nephews, i still never realized until having my own just how independent these kids can be and it amazes me every day. i really want to give sweet cheeks that independence as well. she will more than likely be an only child and i really want her to be an inpendent child who blossoms into an independent woman. though, her want for indepence and my need to keep her safe often bump heads. the other day i took her swimming with her cousins. this was sweet cheeks 3rd or 4th time ever in a pool, and the first time this summer. the girl wanted to jump in the pool by herself doing cannon balls and belly flops! she has no idea how to even swim and i would not let her go. it was a struggle because while we were in the pool, i had to hold her and she thought that because her cousins were swimming without their mommy that she should be able to as well. sadly, you just can not reason with a two year old to make them understand what drowning is. i tried telling her that if i let her go, she would only sink into the water. this is a girl who cries when water drips down onto her face while i am washing/rinsing her hair in the bathtub, so there is no way she would appreciate falling face first into the pool. i was having so much fun watching her play, at the same time, praying that she didn't squirm out of my wet, slippery hands and choke on the utterly disgusting-to-swallow chlorinated water. this is just one example of how she is growing and testing her independence daily.

Sweet cheeks is also learning to use the potty. She wears pull ups while at school and uses the potty 3 times a day there. At home, i am not as vigiliant with making her sit on the potty as i should be. though, it is funny, she always has to pee and poop at bedtime. i struggle with the decision to let her go, since she is learning and may really have to go, or do i tell her no, make her go to bed, and feel like the worst mother in the world for making a girl who is learning to pee on the potty have to wet herself. UGHH! motherhood is seriously a tough job that one is never fully equiped for. along with potty traing comes big girl underwear and bless the licensing companies who know they will make a killing off of cartoon character big girl undies. sweet cheeks insists on wearing her backyardigans undies over her diapers (yes, i know, not the way they are intended to be worn but it works for her). did i mention that our poop book is 'miss mary mack." sweet cheeks has me read this to her a minimum of two times every time she goes to the potty. here sweet cheeks trying on her undies and i must say, she is adorable in them.

i am even considering purchasing this to entice her to the potty more often. yes, once again, these companies make a fortune off of suckers like me who will do anything for their toddler-in-training.

not only is she learning to pee, poop, and gas on the potty (her words, not mine), she is also learning to ride her bicycle, a red radioflyer trike. she is still working on getting the pedaling down and for the most part, pushes herself with her feet, but when she isn't falling over, she really does a great job with it! yes, she does wear her helmet when she rides outside.

now for fun, my list of 5 things i wish i would have had when sweet cheeks was a baby:

1. i absolutely love this bedding set from dwell baby!

2. i think it is the pink and brown combo that makes this fleurville bag so appealing. i used a backpack diaper bag a majority of the time with sweet cheeks, and still do. you can find it here.

3. this is a great highchair for the sake of saving space in your kitchen. love the convenience of it.

4. these onesies come in a pack and i love the baby's name set in the blocks.here.

5. what an original bib. the piggie is so cute.

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