i had absolutely the best time friday night with the most amazing girlfriends one could ever have. i know i am the luckiest person in the world because it isn't like i was hanging out with one or two of my best buds, but i was with a total of 6, yup, that's right, 6 of them. i have heard it said many times that you should consider yourself lucky if you have one best friend, so it goes without say that i am more than blessed. i have had the same girlfriends since middle school & high school. these girls probably know more about me than i care to know about myself. i love that they know everything about me and love me just the same, and that goes both ways. as cliche as it sounds, we have seriously been through so much in our past almost 20 years. everything from first loves, first break ups, first cars, first jobs, first smokes, first drinks, first apartments, first homes, first loss, to first born. i couldn't even begin to sum it up just how much we have done and seen together as a clique. these girls are the most amazing group of woman that i have and will ever know. i can't and don't want to imagine my life without them. they have seriously contributed to making me the person i am today. i love them!

thank you girls.

5 songs that make me think about my girlfriends:

5. in your eyes- peter gabriel
4. come undone- duran duran
3. 100% pure love- crystal waters
2. linger- the cranberries
1. ice ice baby- vanilla ice

5 top tv girlfriends:

5. laverne & shirley
4. lucy & ethel
3. the golden girls
2. brenda, donna, & kelly
1. monica, rachel, & phoebe

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