thursday thirteen

i have somehow managed to loose my camera. i have absolutely no idea where i put it, hence why i deemed it lost. i really have never been good about taking pictures outside of the house so i am going to assume the camera must be inside somewhere but i don't know where. needless to say, i can't post any new, great pics of sweet cheeks without it. so, for now, i have decided to steal the post title that a lot of the other mommy blogs that i read do, a thursday thirteen.

since it is only 9:30am and i am starving for lunch, my first thursday thirteen list will be of the foods i would really love to be eating right now.

13. ribs from fat matts rib shack
12. a take 5
11. cheeseburger happy meal
9. bowl of coco puffs
8. quiznos honey bacon club
7. sloppy joe sandwich
6. slice of cheese pizza
5. oreos dipped in milk
4. bowl of lucky charms cereal (a favorite of mine and sweet cheeks)
3. a snickers followed up with a dr. pepper
2. french toast with a cold glass of chocolate milk
1. a cinnamon cruncher bagel with cream cheese from panera

hopefully i will be back posting pictures soon... as soon as i find my camera. i hate being irresponsible but i so often am. i make myself crazy. sometimes i seriously think i am loosing my mind. yesterday i went to leave work and had to search 3 different levels in the parking garage because i couldn't remember which one i had parked on that day. i am too young for this.

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