new look, new location

sweet cheeks got a new hair cut on saturday. her dad and i had been trying to hype this up to her for a couple weeks with hopes of having a better experience than it was the first time around. the first haircut, which took place one month before her 2nd birthday, had many tears shed before, during, and after. this haircut went pretty much the same way, with the exception of the runny, melted m&m's in her hands

sweet cheeks started her new school on monday. she has been so excited about this for a month now. it went just as we had hoped it would, smoothly. she seems to really like her new teachers. after her first day of school, i picked her up and her comment to me was, "miss patti is my new friend." i couldn't have hoped for a better comment.

we celebrated nana and poppop's 40th anniversary on saturday night. sweet cheeks was able to show off her new hair-do to the family. it is just so unfair to the rest of the world. no one will ever be as cute as this little girl is. she absolutely kills me. and if being blessed with good looks wasn't enough, she is a genius as well. doesn't get any better than that.

now for the things i am currently pondering:

1. do we seriously use the correct names for anatomy when teaching sweet cheeks? i was forced to make a decison when she started playing with herself. i seriously had so many silly names i had heard others call their parts running through me head. should i say it is a whowho, a front butt, tiddlywink, or teetee? i hesitated for only a moment and said, "stop playing with your vagina." sweet cheeks without a moment of hesistation laughed while saying bagina. enough said.

2. how did she become so bossy? her - "i need more chocolate milk" me- "you can have some water" her- "no, i need chocolate milk" me- "how about both?" her- "no just chocolate milk"

3. how will shonda rhimes play off burke being canned from grays anatomy? i know it is a fictional tv show but i already cringe at the ideas they are going to present us with next season. will burke have to leave seattle grace because his heart just can't take working beside christina or will he suddenly be found dead after committing suicide or will he decide to be just another doctor who goes to africa to so graciously donate his time and abilities (yup, you remember carter & luka from er "leaving" to do the same).


yourloveisamazing said...

This is absolutely the cutest thing in the whole world. I'm sitting on the end of my chair waiting to hear more about sweet cheeks world! Proud of you. Molly

ali said...

we use vagina and penis, respectively :)

although emily has recently adopted the term, "va-jay-jay"