Yup.... It's my very first post!

iam sure it wasn't the need to let all of my somewhat crazy thoughts out into the world for everyone to know. i am sure it wasn't the need for testing my writing skills almost 7 years after receiving my degree in english. i really can't tell you why i wanted to start my own mommy blog other than the fact that i have so many amazing stories to share about my little sweet cheeks! i have been reading other mommy blogs for months now and really thought hard about starting one myself. again, there is something quite strange about putting yourself completely out there, butt naked for the world to see, out onto a computer website for anyone and everyone to read, yet there is something so real, so theraputic about it as well. what better way for me to remember the tiny yet so inspiring and momentous things that my girl does! i love having this blog for the sheer sake of scrapbooking memories (nope, i won't do all the cutsey add on sticker slogans & trims). I hope some of you come back every so often, despite the writers lack of interesting posts, to see updates and photos of my 2-year old sweet cheeks!


Lara said...

That's exactly why I do it. Welcome to blogging! :)

ali said...

welcome to the blogging world. it's a fantastic, fantastic place :)